Requests to cancel an existing Order.

Successful completion of this action does not mean your Order has been cancelled on the Market, only that the request has been acknowledged.

The Order state provided in this result is not synchronised with the Orders subscription, and can be older or newer than the most recent event.

Controller: Trading
Topic: CancelOrder
Action: Publish
Permissions: Paritech.Zenith.Trading.OrderPad


Name Type Expect Description
Account String Always The Account that owns the Order
Flags Array Optional An array of string flags. See Appendix F: Order Flags for more information
OrderID String Always The unique identifier of the Order to cancel
RequestID String Optional A string to uniquely (within this Account) identify this request. If omitted, a random 22-character alphanumeric string will be generated by the server.


Name Type Expect Description
Result String Always The result of the operation. One of the following values:
Success – Request successful.
Incomplete – Required fields are missing.
Invalid – The supplied fields are invalid.
Rejected – The order was rejected by the Exchange
Order Object Optional If the request was successful, supplies the Order state after this request was acknowledged
Errors Array Optional If cancellation failed, supplies an array of string codes identifying the errors encountered. See Appendix E: Order Error Codes for more information