Announces the current balances of a Trading Account

Controller: Trading
Topic: Balances or Balances![ID]
Action: Sub
Permissions: Paritech.Zenith.Trading.Data

Topic Formats

Format Description Example
Balances Receive all balance data available on this login. Balances
Balances![ID] Receive balance data for a specific Trading Account. Balances!OM1234


Name Description
ID The Trading Account identifier to announce Balances for.


An ordered array of zero or more Balance objects, to be applied in sequence.

Balance object

Name Type Expect Description
Account String Always The unique identifier for the Account
Type String Always The funds type. If an empty string, the Balance records for this Account are being cleared before a full update. Currency will also be empty.
Currency String Always The three-letter currency code. Will be an empty string on a clear.
Amount Decimal Always The amount of funds available. An amount of zero should be considered a removal of this balance record.