Attempts to construct a Mixed Market code

Controller: Market
Topic: QueryMixedMarket
Action: Publish
Permissions: None


Name Type Description
Markets Array Required. An array of Market codes to try and combine. The order may be important depending on the selected strategy particular order.
Strategy String Optional. A Mixed Market Strategy to include in the result. See Appendix H: Mixed Market Strategies for more information.


A string that identifies the best match for the given Markets, based on the user’s permissions.

If only a single market is valid, returns that code.

If none of the markets are valid, returns null.

Possible Errors

Code Description Suffix
Strategy The given Strategy is invalid Strategy Code
Market.Tag The supplied Markets are not compatible
Market.Error The supplied Market is invalid Market Code

Example 1



Receive: (User has access to all markets.)


Receive: (User does not have NSX access.)


Receive: (User does not have any access.)


Example 2




{"Controller":"Market","Topic":"QueryMixedMarket","TransactionID":1,"Action":"Error","Data":"Strategy SomeInvalidCode"}