Retrieves historical news announcement headlines

Controller: News
Topic: QueryNews
Action: Publish
Permissions: Paritech.Zenith.Market.News


Name Type Expect Description
Source String Optional The code for the News Source to filter by. If omitted, retrieves from all available News Sources
Exchange String Optional The code for the issuing Exchange to filter results by. If omitted, defaults to all Exchanges. If provided, Code must also be provided
Code String Optional The symbol code to retrieve news for. If provided, Exchange must also be provided
Count Integer Optional The number of announcements to retrieve. If omitted, retrieves all news for the day.
StartTime DateTime Optional The minimum date and time to retrieve news for.
EndTime DateTime Optional The maximum date and time to retrieve news for.

See Data Types for DateTime formatting.


An unordered array of News Data objects. See the News subscription for more information.


Retrieve the hundred most recent announcements: