Trading Controller

The Trading Controller provides access to trading account data as well as order operations.


Topic Description
AmendOrder Requests to amend an existing Order.
CalculateAmendOrder Calculates an Order being amended.
CalculatePlaceOrder Calculates an Order being placed.
CancelOrder Requests to cancel an existing Order.
MoveOrder Moves an Order to a different Trading Account.
PlaceOrder Places an Order for a symbol.
QueryAccounts Requests the available Trading Accounts for the authenticated user.
QueryBalances Requests the current account balances for the given Account.
QueryHoldings Requests the current holdings for the given Account.
QueryLimits Requests the current Trading Limits for the given Account.
QueryOrderAudit Requests the order audit history.
QueryOrders Requests the current Orders for the given Account.
QueryOrderStatuses Requests the valid Order Status definitions.
QueryRequests Requests the pending Order Requests for the given Account.
QueryTransactions Requests the current transactions for the given Account

See Common for actions that are common to all controllers.


Topic Description
Accounts Announces the state of the Trading Accounts visible to this Client.
Audit Announces the audit records for a Trading Account.
Balances Announces the current balances of a Trading Account.
Holdings Announces the current Holdings for a Trading Account.
Orders Announces the current Orders for a Trading Account.
Requests Announces the pending Order Requests for a Trading Account.
Transactions Announces the recent Transactions (completed Trades) for a Trading Account.