Requests a quotation for a Symbol.

Successful completion of this action does not mean the Quote is on the Market, only that the request has been acknowledged.

Controller: Trading
Topic: RequestQuote
Action: Publish
Permissions: Paritech.Zenith.Trading.OrderPad


Name Type Expect Description
Market String Always The Market to request the Quote from.
Code String Always The code of the Symbol to quote
Side String Optional The side of the market to request a quote on. If omitted, makes a request for both sides. One of the following values:
Bid � request a buy quotation.
Ask � request a sell quotation.
Quantity Integer Optional The size of the desired quotation. If omitted, the resulting quotation size is decided by the Market Maker.
Flags Array Optional An array of string flags. See Appendix F: Order Flags for more information


Name Type Expect Description
Result String Always The result of the operation. One of the following values:
Success � Request successful.
Incomplete � Required fields are missing.
Invalid � The supplied fields are invalid.
Rejected � The order was rejected by the Exchange
Errors Array Optional If cancellation failed, supplies an array of string codes identifying the errors encountered. See Appendix E: Order Error Codes for more information