Announces the current Orders for a Trading Account

Controller: Trading
Topic: Orders or Orders![ID]
Action: Sub
Permissions: Paritech.Zenith.Trading.Data

Topic Formats

Format Description Example
Orders Receive all data available on this login. Orders
Orders![ID] Receive data for a specific Trading Account Orders!OM1234


Name Description
ID The Trading Account identifier to announce Order records for.


An ordered array of zero or more Order Change objects, to be applied in sequence.

Order Change object

Name Type Expect Description
O String Always The operation being performed. One of:
A: Adding a new Order.
U: Updating an existing Order.
R: Removing an Order.
C: Clearing all Orders
Account String Optional The target Trading Account. Will be provided when clearing.
Order Object Optional An Order object. Will be omitted when clearing. Will always be provided in all other situations.

Order object

Name Type Expect Description
ID String Always The unique order identifier assigned by the system.
Account String Always The Trading Account the Order is placed through.
ExternalID String Optional The external order identifier. User-quotable.
DepthOrderID String Optional If provided, should correspond to an Order ID available via a Depth subscription for the symbol the order is placed for.
Status String Always The status code of the Order. See the QueryOrderStatuses topic to retrieve the valid order statuses.
Exchange String Optional The Market this Order is currently on. Omitted if the Order has yet to be routed.
TradingMarket String Optional The Trading Market this Order is currently on. Omited if the Order has yet to be routed.
Currency String Always The Currency Code this Order’s values are quoted in.
EstimatedBrokerage Decimal Always The estimated brokerage of this Order when processed.
CurrentBrokerage Decimal Always The current brokerage that has been charged for this Order.
EstimatedTax Decimal Always The estimated tax on this Order when processed.
CurrentTax Decimal Always The current tax that has been charged for this Order.
EstimatedValue Decimal Always The estimated total value of this Order
CurrentValue Decimal Always The current executed value of this Order
CreatedDate DateTime Always The date and time the Order was created.
UpdatedDate DateTime Always The date and time the Order was last updated.
Style String Always The style of Order, which should correspond to the Class for the associated Symbol. One of the following values:
Details Object Always The details of the Order. Corresponds to the Details object in the PlaceOrder action.
Route Object Always The routing rules used for this Order. Corresponds to the Route object in the PlaceOrder action.
Children Array Optional An array of child Order IDs.
Condition Object Optional The activation conditions for this Order, if any. Corresponds to the Condition object in the PlaceOrder action.

Extra fields depend on the Style of Order.

Market Order

When Style is Market, the Order Details can have these additional fields:

Name Type Expect Description
ExecutedQuantity Integer Always The number of shares that have been executed.
AveragePrice Decimal Optional The average price of the executed shares. Null if the order has yet to trade