Note: This action is currently not supported, and is documented for a future release.

Requests the current Trading Limits for the given Account. Individual symbols may have different limits to the general account limits.

A Trading Limit that is not provided generally indicates an unlimited value.

See Appendix G: Trading Limit for the Trading Limit codes.

Controller: Trading
Topic: QueryLimits
Action: Publish
Permissions: Paritech.Zenith.Trading.OrderPad


Name Type Expect Description
Account String Always The Account to request limits for
Code String Optional The code of the Symbol we’re interested in trading. If supplied, Market must also be supplied
Market String Optional The market we’re interested in trading. If supplied, Code must also be supplied


An unordered array of Trading Limit objects.

Trading Limit object

Name Type Expect Description
Code String Always The unique code identifying this Trading Limit
Value Decimal Always The value of this Trading Limit.