Announces the recent Transactions (completed Trades) for a Trading Account

Controller: Trading
Topic: Transactions or Transactions![ID]
Action: Sub
Permissions: Paritech.Zenith.Trading.Data

Topic Formats

Format Description Example
Transactions Receive all data available on this login. Transactions
Transactions![ID] Receive data for a specific Trading Account. Transactions!OM1234


Name Description
ID The Trading Account identifier to announce Transactions for.


An ordered array of zero or more Transaction Change objects, to be applied in sequence.

Transaction Change object

Name Type Expect Description
O String Always The operation being performed. One of:
A: Adding a new Transaction.
U: Updating an existing Transaction.
I: Initialise the transaction list.
Account String Optional The target account. Will be provided when initialising.
Transaction Object Optional The Transaction Details object. Will be omitted when initialising. Will always be provided in all other situations.

Transaction Detail object

Name Type Expect Description
ID String Always The unique transaction identifier assigned by the system.
Exchange String Always The Exchange the target Symbol is issued by.
Code String Always The code of the target Symbol.
TradingMarket String Always The market the target Symbol was traded on.
Account String Always The account the Transaction belongs to
Style String Always The style of Transaction, which should correspond to the Class for the associated Symbol. One of the following values:
TradeDate DateTime Always The date the transaction occurred.
SettlementDate DateTime Always The date the trade settles/settled.
GrossAmount Decimal Always The gross amount of the trade.
NetAmount Decimal Always The net amount of the trade (not including brokerage, fees, etc)
SettlementAmount Decimal Always The settlement amount.
Currency String Optional The currency code the trade was executed in, if available.
OrderID String Always The Order ID that generated this trade. Will correspond to a value in Orders.

Extra fields depend on the Style of Transaction.

Market Transaction Details

When Style is Market, the Transaction Details can have these additional fields:

Name Type Expect Description
TotalQuantity Integer Always The total shares traded.
AveragePrice Decimal Always The average price as calculated for this trade.

Managed Fund Transaction Details

When Style is ManagedFund, the Transaction Details can have these additional fields:

Name Type Expect Description
TotalUnits Decimal Always The total number of units traded.
UnitValue Decimal Always The average value of each unit traded.