Retrieves historical trades for a symbol.

This query is only available for symbols that offer Trades in their SubscriptionData.

Controller: Market
Topic: QueryTrades
Action: Publish
Permissions: Paritech.Zenith.Market.Data


Name Type Expect Description
Market String Always The code for the Market the symbol belongs to. Can be a Mixed Market code
Code String Always The symbol code to retrieve trades for
Count Integer Optional The number of trades to retrieve. If omitted, retrieves all trades for the day.
FirstTradeID Integer Optional The oldest Trade ID to retrieve.If supplied, the query returns Count trades after this Trade.
LastTradeID Integer Optional The newest Trade ID to retrieve. If supplied, the query returns Count trades before and including this Trade. If omitted, retrieves Count trades up to the most recent known. If supplied along with FirstTradeID, retrieves all trades within the range (up to Count if supplied, starting from the oldest)
TradingDate Date Optional The date to retrieve trades for. If omitted, defaults to the most recent trading date


An ordered array of zero or more Trade Change objects, to be applied in sequence. See the Trades subscription for more information





                {"O":"A","Trade":{"ID":"10002","Price":42.06,"Quantity":400,"Time":"2014-03-20T10:00:05+10:00","Affects":"Volume,VWAP","Codes":"CX XT"}}