Announces the state of the Trading Accounts visible to this Client

Controller: Trading
Topic: Accounts
Action: Sub
Permissions: None


Unordered Array of Account State objects

Account State object

Name Type Expect Description
ID String Always The unique identifier for the Account
Feed String Always Overall status of the data feed for this Account. One of:
Initialising: Feed is establishing, and will be online shortly.
Active: Feed is active and online.
Closed: Feed is active, but outside hours.
Inactive: Feed is offline, and outside hours. Data may be unavailable.
Impaired: Feed is unexpectedly offline, and data may be stale or unavailable
Expired: Feed is temporarily unavailable while a new state is prepared.
Name String Sometimes The friendly name of this Account
Provider String Sometimes The underlying data provider
Currency String Sometimes The default trading currency for this Account
Attributes Object Sometimes An object where the keys and values represent attributes associated with this Account.
Categories Array Sometimes An array of string codes representing the categories the Account belongs to, if any.

Feed status changes can be sent as just ID and Feed. In all other cases, all fields will be sent.





{"Controller":"Trading","Topic":"Accounts","Data":[{"ID":"PT56789","Name":"Paritech Account 56789","Feed":"Active","Provider":"TotalView","Currency":"AUD","CategoryCodes":["Professional"],"Attributes":{"HIN":"56789"}}]}

Feed Status Change: