Announces the pending Order Requests for a Trading Account.

Once a request has been finished for any reason (successful completion, rejection, etc) it will be removed from this subscription.

Controller: Trading
Topic: Requests or Requests![ID]
Action: Sub
Permissions: Paritech.Zenith.Trading.Data

Topic Formats

Format Description Example
Requests Receive all data available on this login. Requests
Requests![ID] Receive data for a specific Trading Account. Requests!OM1234


Name Description
ID The Trading Account identifier to announce Requests for.


An ordered array of zero or more Order Request Change objects, to be applied in sequence.

Order Request Change object

Name Type Expect Description
O String Always The operation being performed. One of:
A: Adding a new Order Request.
U: Updating an existing Order Request.
R: Removing an Order Request.
C: Clearing all Order Requests.
Account String Optional The target account. Will be provided when clearing.
Request Object Optional The Order Request object. Will be omitted when clearing. Will always be provided in all other situations.

Order Request object

Name Type Expect Description
ID String Always The unique order request identifier assigned by the system.
Account String Always The account the Order Request was placed against.
OrderID String Always The unique identifier of the Order.
Type String Always The type of Order Request. One of:
Place: Order being placed.
Amend: Order being amended.
Cancel: Order being cancelled.
CreatedDate DateTime Always The date and time the Order Request was created.
UpdatedDate DateTime Always The date and time the Order Request was last updated.
Status String Always The status of the Order Request. One of:
Pending: Request is being processed.
PendingAuthorisation: Request is awaiting authorisation.
Rejected: Request has been rejected.
Authorised: Request has been authorised and is awaiting processing.
Complete: Request has been successfully completed.
Details Object Always The details of the Order. On an amend, this will be the details if the amendment is successful. Corresponds to the Order Details object in the PlaceOrder query
Route Object Always The routing rules used for the Order. Corresponds to the Route object in the PlaceOrder query.
Condition Object Optional The activation conditions for this Order, if any. Corresponds to the Condition object in the PlaceOrder query.