Retrieves the valid Trading States for a particular Market

Controller: Market
Topic: QueryTradingStates
Action: Publish
Permissions: Nothing


Name Type Expect Description
Market String Always The code for the Market to query trading states for. Can be a Mixed Market code (ie: ASX!ASX+CXA)


An unordered array of Trading State objects

Name Type Expect Description
Name String Always The name of this Trading State. Corresponds to the TradingState property on Security and Status on a Trading Market state
Reason String Always The reason for this Trading State. One of the following:
Unknown:The reason is unknown.
Normal: This state is part of normal trading operations.
Suspend: This state represents a suspension.
TradingHalt: This state represents a temporary trading halt.
NewsRelease: This state represents a pending news release
Allows String Always The allowed trading actions in this state. One or more of the following values, separated by commas:
None: No actions are allowed.
OrderPlace: Orders may be placed.
OrderAmend: Orders may be amended.
OrderMove: Orders may be moved.
OrderCancel: Orders may be cancelled.
Match: Orders will be automatically matched and Trades occur.
ReportCancel: Trades may be reported or cancelled.
OrdersOnly: Orders may be placed, amended, moved, or cancelled.
All: Includes all the above actions





                {"Name":"PreOpen", "Reason":"Normal","Allows":"OrdersOnly, ReportCancel"},
                {"Name":"Open", "Reason":"Normal","Allows":"All"},
                {"Name":"Suspended", "Reason":"Suspend","Allows":"OrderCancel, ReportCancel"}