Queries for custom pieces of data

This is a legacy API and should not be used.

Controller: Fragments
Topic: QueryCustomFragments
Action: Publish
Permissions: Paritech.Zenith.Market.Data


Name Type Expect Description
Source String Required The data source name.
Target Any Required The targeting data for this data source.
Fragments Array Required An array of Fragment Definitions defining the fragments to retrieve.
TradingDate DateTime Optional The trading date to retrieve fragments for. If omitted, retrieves fragments for the current date relevant to the Target.

Fragment Definition object

Name Type Description
Name String Required. The name of the Fragment in the output.
Source String Optional. The name of the Fragment to retrieve. If omitted, uses the Name.

This object can include extra fields, determined by the fragment being requested.


An object containing the fragment data, with the Name fields used as property names.



                "Target":{"Name":"CUSTODIAL SERVICES LIMITED"},