Announces incoming news announcements. Can be filtered based on the news source, a specific symbol, or a specific symbol.

Controller: News
Topic: News, News![Source], News![Code].[Exchange] or News![Source]![Code].[Exchange]
Action: Sub
Permissions: Paritech.Zenith.Market.News
Server-side Unsubscribe: Yes

Topic Formats

Format Description Example
News Receive all news available on this login. News
News![Source] Receive news from a specific source. News!AAP
News![Code].[Exchange] Receive news relating to a symbol. News!BHP.ASX
News![Source]![Code].[Exchange] Receive news relating to a symbol from a specific source. News!AAP!BHP.ASX


Name Description
Source The code for the desired News Source.
Exchange The code for issuing Exchange of the desired symbol.
Code The code of the desired symbol.


An ordered array of zero or more News Change objects, to be applied in sequence.

News Change object

Name Type Expect Description
O String Always The operation being performed. One of:
A: Adding a new News Announcement.
I: Initialise the list of News Announcements.
U: Updating an existing News Announcement
Source String Optional When Initialising, identifies the News Source the announcement ID relates to. Used if the subscription merges multiple News Sources (such as the News or News![Code].[Exchange] topics)
Date DateTime Optional When Initialising, identifies the date of the most recently available News Announcement for the specified News Source. Pass to QueryNews to retrieve historical announcements.
News Object Optional When adding or updating a News Announcement, contains a News Data object.

News Data object

Contains the details of a News Announcement.

Name Type Expect Description
ID String Always The unique ID of the News Announcement. Not guaranteed sequential or in-order.
Source String Always The code identifying the News Source this announcement came from.
Title String Always The title of the announcement.
Date DateTime Always The date and time the announcement was sent.
Type String Sometimes The type of announcement, if any. See Appendix I2: News Report Types for more information
Url String Sometimes The URL to the full content of the announcement, if any.
Origin String Sometimes The original origin of the announcement, if known.
Priority String Sometimes The priority of this announcement. If omitted, defaults to Normal. One of the following values:
Low – A low-priority announcement.
Normal – A normal priority announcement.
High – A high-priority announcement.
Critical – A critical announcement.
Symbols Array Sometimes An array of News Symbol objects this announcement relates to. If omitted, is an announcement related to the entire News Source.
Codes Array Sometimes An array of strings identifying special attributes of this announcement. See Appendix I1: News Announcement Codes for more information.

See Data Types for Date formatting.

News Symbol object:

Name Type Expect Description
Exchange String Always The Exchange code where the Symbol was issued.
Code String Always The code for the Symbol the announcement relates to.