Announces the Order Audit records for a Trading Account. Order Audit is the history of transitions and states that all Orders and Order Requests have passed through.

Note: This subscription is currently not supported, and is documented for a future release. Please use QueryOrderAudit.

Controller: Trading
Topic: Audit or Audit![ID]
Action: Sub
Permissions: Paritech.Zenith.Trading.Data

Topic Formats

Format Description Example
Audit Receive all data available on this login. Audit
Audit![ID] Receive data for a specific Trading Account. Audit!OM1234


Name Description
ID The Trading Account identifier to announce Order Audit records for.


An ordered array of zero or more Order Audit Change objects, to be applied in sequence.

Order Audit Change object

Name Type Expect Description
O String Always The operation being performed. One of:
A: Adding a new Order Audit record.
U: Updating an existing Order Audit record.
R: Removing an Order Audit records.
C: Clearing all Order Audit records.
Account String Optional The target account. Will be provided when clearing.
Audit Object Optional The audit record data. Will be omitted when clearing. Will always be provided in all other situations.

Order Audit object

All records will contain one of Order, Request, or Transaction.

Name Type Expect Description
Version String Always A version identifier for this record
OrderID String Always The unique identifier of the Order this record relates to
Account String Always The unique identifier of the Trading Account the Order belongs to
Type String Always The type of record. Will be one of:
Order: Represents a change to an Order
Request: Represents a change to an Order Request
Transaction: Represents a new Transaction
Order Object Optional The state of the Order. See the Orders topic for more information
Request Object Optional The state of the Order request. See the Requests topic for more information
Transaction Object Optional The state of the Transaction. See the Transactions topic for more information

See Data Types for Time formatting.