Market Controller

The Market controller provides access to Market Data, both historical and live/delayed


Topic Description
QueryBrokers Retrieves Broker definitions for a Market.
QueryChartHistory Retrieves charting history data for a symbol.
QueryDepthFull Retrieves the current full market depth for a symbol.
QueryDepthLevels Retrieves the current Price Levels in Market Depth for a symbol.
QueryMarkets Requests the available Markets for the authenticated user.
QueryMixedMarket Attempts to construct a Mixed Market code.
QuerySecurity Retrieves the current state of a security.
QuerySymbols Retrieves matching symbols. Returns a maximum of 1,000 symbols.
QueryTrades Retrieves historical trades for a symbol.
QueryTradingStates Retrieves the valid Trading States for a particular Market.

See Common for queries that are common to all controllers.


Topic Description
Depth Announces the current orders in the market depth for a Security.
Levels Announces the current Price Levels in the Market Depth for a Security. This is an aggregation of depth at each price point.
Markets Announces the state of the Markets visible to this Client.
Security Announces the current state of a Security.
Symbols Announces the current symbols for a Market.
Trades Announces incoming trades for a Security.